Testosterone- well the lack of!

So since I had Ovarian drilling (a fertility procedure for polycystic ovarian syndrome). I have felt like I was missing a gene.

I have been trying to “find” that gene- but it’s gone. It was testosterone. When you have ovarian drilling they basically burn holes into your ovaries to release the excess male hormone (testosterone) which in turn should make you ovulate.

The only thing it did to me was gave me a lack of sex drive. When I was younger I used to look at myself in the mirror and think, on occasion I looked and felt sexy. Whether other people thought that is irreverent but it used to make me feel good about myself.

I no longer get that feeling. In fact I don’t have that feeling AT ALL. In fact I feel like I am missing a gene. It’s pretty tough no longer feeling like this. It also makes me feel bad for Matt as I don’t make a lot of effort anymore because of this. In fact it’s pretty crappy for him.

I know that men suffer with lack of testosterone for many reasons, but they are able to get it sorted relatively easily- with
a low testosterone gel treatment.

Women on the other hand struggle because in women I think there is much more of a fine line with testosterone- you wouldn’t want too much making you hairy or anything horrid like that.

So although I went all out to have ovarian drilling to ensure it would help me ovulate in fact it has done something completely different, unfortunately for the worse. I’m sure I would be able to get treatment but for now I’m going to live with it.

This is a collaborative post.