No more knots when out and about with Knot Dr #Ad

If you are a long-standing reader you will know that Erin and I had matching hairbrushes. We have been using Knot Dr hairbrushes for nearly a year and we love them! They go everywhere with us- until now…

We have been gifted the Knot Dr Pro Mini Kit. Which is a hairbrush and comb in a very handy travel zipped pouch.

When you have kids having a hairbrush in your bag is not a great scenario. I have all matter of things shoved in my bag such as crisps, chocolate,tissues, baby wipes. When I pull my brush out my bag I don’t want to have to brush my hair with remnants of Wotsits as a new form of highlight!!! Many times I have had yoghurt stripes in my hair from my brush, in fact I stopped taking one with me as it was a nightmare- but now I have a solution.

The Knot Dr Pro Mini Kit comes is a brush and comb set in a really handy matching case which enables you to take your hairbrush out and not have to worry about getting anything stuck in it. The case is wipeable and has elasticated compartments to keep the brush and comb safely inside without getting anything on it or it getting lost in your bag.

We use our brushes for all occasions because it is so handy for when the kids need their hair done too as it means no screaming because of the knots. Knot Dr is the only hairbrush Erin will use and will refuse to have her hair done with anything else. The brush seamlessly go through her wavy hair without so much as a tug. We use ours for after swimming, at dance and I have taken it with me to the spa which was perfect for my bag.

The brush comes in four different colours and have a hard backed zipped case which matches the colour of your brush. The comb has two sides one that’s a wider toothed comb and the other side is smaller so perfect for all hair types and even the littlest of hair because the comb goes through Edith’s hair and she is one.

These are perfect for gifts too especially for children who struggle with brushing their hair or for a gym goer or even for your friend who needs a pick me up as with such beautiful colours they make a fabulous present to put a smile on your face. You can get these from Emily at Salon Blue here or head into the Salon in Bridgnorth to pick up yours today.