Write off! What went wrong!

Good morning…. we’re back to Monday! But the first Monday of the school holidays- does this mean there is only 6 weeks until normality is resumed? I kind of hope so! I haven’t enough our time together in lockdown but I need some form of normality now. I think the girls do too. Erin will be super excited to go back to school and I hope Edith’s playgroup starts up again but I’m not sure that will happen yet.

For the last two weeks I was doing Herbalife. WAS being the best word for it… the first week was great… stuck to it like glue and resisted all temptation..lost 3lbs and was really proud. Well not only til I fall off the wagon last week I fell from a monstrous height!!!!

You may or may not know we are selling our house which has meant that we had 5 viewings last week. Due to COVID you have to be out of the house.. which means me and the girls had to leave every time someone came. Typically each viewing was at dinner time or bed time for the kid’s. This meant that there wasn’t a lot of time for dinner… first night I was like screw it let’s have McDonald’s and I will start my diet again tomorrow. I am not kidding you I ended up having 4 McDonald’s last week and a shed load of chocolate and sweets. Told you it was bad!!

Anyway this week is a new week and I am not going to ruin my life by solely having nothing treat wise as I feel like it’s going to ruin everything I do that’s healthy because I then binge. So I am going to be mostly healthy and have a few chocolate buttons in between and my morning Coca Cola as I don’t drink coffee. I think that’s the only way I can get through this.

Exercise needs to happen more this week too. I need to up my exercise as I’m just so u healthy it’s horrid 🙁 unfit isn’t the word for me! It’s worse than that!! But I am going to at least do one workout a day even if it’s 15 mins. I will then aim to work my way up to more.

Other than that our week of going to be pretty boring and normal… we are continuing home schooling because I think it’s important we keep routines and that Erin stays on top of what she’s learnt.

Are you guys up to anything fun this week? Or it is just me being boring?!