Toys and games traditional or modern? Hape Toys review #AD

In our house we love toys, Erin is a fan of anything plastic but I am more traditional- I’m not saying she doesn’t have tonnes of plastic toys because she does but I love the more traditional wooden toys and educational toys as I think they have more longevity and purpose.

When we were offered some Hape toys for the girls we jumped at the chance.

Erin was sent this amazing world tour 2 in 1 puzzle and game. It’s aimed at children 5 years plus and comes in a large box. It is perfect for 2-4 players.

The first thing we did was make the puzzle. Which is large with just over 100 pieces and they make up all of the countries of the world with great animation to make them more identifiable for children.

After we had built the puzzle it was now time to play the game, all you have to do is pick a player, roll the dice and move around the board. It’s as simple as that! Erin loved playing the game and really enjoyed looking at all of the countries and what each one was famous for as depicted by the pictures. All in all it was a success all round. If you want to have a go at this head to Hape.

Edith was sent some absolutely beautiful wooden cubes. They are suitable for children aged 24 months plus (this can be younger as Erin and I showed and Edie them and she interacted with the colours and shapes).

The blocks are great quality and have the alphabet on one side, pictures on another, words on another and numbers on the last side. They are brightly coloured so great for babies as well as toddlers. Edith really enjoyed touching the cubes as a sensory activity and we sat telling her what each picture, letter and number were.

My absolute favourite thing about these blocks is the fact that they come with a drawstring bag that ensures they don’t get lost and your able to put them away with ease. Even Erin started to play with them building towers so they really are perfect for all ages. To get yours head to Hape.