Babyshower or Newborn baby gift ideas? solved!


The new fashion that seems to be going around are ‘Milestone Cards’ now I love this and I really like the fact you are able to remember the stages in your babies development. The only problem is so many people have cottoned on to this. So when Pudding and Chops sent us their own version of Milestone cards I couldn’t wait to try them.


The cards enrapture everything fun about being a run of the mill mum and not what I call ‘The perfect mum’ as in reality there is no such thing and instead they just appear perfect on social media platforms as they don’t post the pictures of their child with her trousers on backwards or when they burn their hair on the candles in the lounge….no of course these aren’t two things that have happened to us recently! 😉  


The cards depict everyday situations that occur every day in ALL parents’ lives! Meltdowns in supermarkets, Parenting fails, refusing to eat, weeing on mummy! They are humorous and have thought of everything- this means you can remember the funny moments as well as the cute milestone moments in little ones first years. The cards are large and are funky monochrome designs and made of strong material so they aren’t ruined easily! Getting them to sit still long enough to have their picture taken with the card is a whole other mission!!


One thing I have found is that baby shower’s are becoming more and more popular and trying to find a gift that isn’t too soppy or something mum wont already have is hard! Pudding and Chop’s definitely give you the perfect idea with these Milestone cards to bring humour and fun into having a new born baby! You can buy them at; for £9.95 and they even come ready wrapped for an extra £2 . They really are fantastic quality and are a more modern present to give a loved one and come exceptionally wrapped!! Do you have any other ideas for cute baby-shower gifts? Let me know in comments below!