New Béaba® Up and Down High chair Review

When I had Erin high chair’s all pretty much looked the same, in the last 6 years things have come on in leaps and bounds- there are now all sorts of styles and are all so much more functional than ever before. We have been lucky enough to review the New Béaba® Up and Down High chair.

When I first received the highchair I was impressed with how easy it was to put up and came with all of the tools to enable me to put it up. I love the fact it’s so easily wipeable and all of the parts are able to come off and be cleaned thoroughly. This is perfect with weaning due to the fact that stray spaghetti always manages to get stuck behind a nook or crannie.

One thing I also liked is that Béaba® are bringing a padded seat out on the market next year in the UK to enable to give smaller babies more of a comfy seat, In fact I liked this feature so much I bought the padded seat from European amazon, which means you can beat the UK and get it first as they ship to UK. The Padded seat is comfortable and well made and really simple to assemble to the chair.

Béaba® is a French brand and the quality of the French build shines through with this product. Its made well, sturdy, and overall safe. Just what you need in a product when you are putting your precious cargo in it.

The Up and Down High Chair not only looks stylish but is also functional with any kitchen set up.


  • Patented Up and Down technology- The technology allows the high chair to be put to 6 height levels with the touch of two buttons in just a few seconds. This works particularly well in set ups such as ours where the kitchen is used in two different dining scenarios. Sometimes we eat at the table when all of us are eating, but when it’s just me and Erin we eat at the breakfast bar of the island. This means there are two very different heights and the highchair works so smoothly with the change, it makes it simple for any dining opportunity.

  • Versatility of tray- the tray can be removed with a click of two buttons so if you have awkward parts to your table that prevent the tray being used or your child gets older and wants to sit at the table with you in a higher chair but doesn’t want the ‘baby tray’ then this is ideal as it adapts with age.

  • Materials of the build- The materials used when making the high chair ensure it is not only durable but also attractive, the three main components of the high chair are aluminium, wood and plastic.

  • Age Range- As your child grows, the highchair grows, the highchair adapts from 6 months to 36 months.

  • Ease of build- The item comes in a box and comes with all the tools you need, I was able to build it alone in under 15 minutes.

  • Safety- Not only does the high chair come with a 5 point harness with a clip but It also has four legs ensuring the build is safe and secure.

Erin loved the look of the high chair and the fact she could sit next to her sister and have dinner when she is born was a real highlight. I definitely would recommend this product as it fits in so well with modern life. You can buy the Béaba® Up and Down High Chair from Baby Security where you can even pay in instalments.