Ways to get your summer wardrobe to change to Autumn!

During the awkward change between seasons I struggle to find clothes. Being pregnant makes it even more harder and I don’t want to spend a fortune on new clothes.

Luckily I have found ways to assist with the change over, especially with these freezing mornings and summery afternoons.

  1. Cardigans- long line or short cardigans can warm up your arms when a brisk breeze whips up around you.

  2. Changing your shoes- moving from sandals to ballet pumps or boots: instantly your look can go from summer to autumn with a change of shoes.

  3. Wear a scarf- I’m not talking a heavy woollen scarf, I’m thinking the pashmina style or light material as not only can it make your outfit more autumnal but has a dual purpose for keeping you warm.

  4. Tights-Those summer dresses can instantly be changed to autumn dresses with tights. I use both tan and black.

My favourite pieces at the moment to go from summer to autumn are:

Next Chunky Knit cardigans- I love these, I love the fact they come in 3 colours all of them are a chunky knit and look so comfortable, I want the Ochre colour one and at £35 I think they are definitely reasonable.

Joules Boots-

Not only are Joules boots comfortable but if you have followed me for a while then you will know how much I love Joules and the floral style, I think the flowers on these boots gives you a summer/autumn feel. At £90 in the sale instead of £150 with an extra £9 off at the moment they are a lot cheaper than normal too.

Joules Scarves-

Again another floral that seamlessly moves seasons in around 10 colours at a great price of £19 they go with lots of outfits and ads both light and wearable from day to night.

UK Tights-

UK tights are the only place that I have found that not only have a range of tights in loads of colours but also have an expansive range for pregnant ladies! Amen! Not just your normal tights but tights that can shape you, are a beautiful colour in tan and not “granny” and fit like a glove. I have been loving the Spanx Mama, Amber thick black tights and the Orblu Tan tights. All of which have got me through the last few weeks of work when I have needed to dress my outfit into a more seasonal look. They are all great prices and work so well at bringing your look from Summer to Autumn.