Beaten by Bread Sticks!

Whenever we are out shopping I look for healthy snacks to pick up for our resident snacker Erin! One thing that I have always struggled to get her to eat was bread sticks… I don’t know whether they are too bland (this is the girl who loves lobster crisps!!) or if it’s just the thought of them for her so I gave up buying them!

Organix offered to send us some of their new breadsticks which were Mini Cheese and Chive bread sticks- I thought we could at least try and get Erin to like them as they weren’t just plain. My word wasn’t I pleased when she had a bite of one and asked for more!!! With Organix ‘No Junk Promise’ I was happy to give her more and I love the fact they are organic with no sugars or anything artificial pumped into them. This is a must for when buying meals and snacks as she gets enough rubbish from her ‘treats’ after dinner.

The bread sticks are advised for children over 12 months to avoid choking issues and come in smaller packets so you aren’t constantly having to let items go off and stale- this makes them great for picnic snacks! They retail at £1.99 and you get 4 packs of 20g- you can buy them in Tesco, Morrison’s, Waitrose and Boots stores at the moment but they are being released into other stores very soon!

When I asked Erin the verdict on the bread sticks she said they were ‘super yummy’ and she wanted lots more! So at least we have now found a solution to a new healthy snack to purchase for picnics especially in this beautiful weather so thank you Organix!