Christmas is coming…. Need some inspiration?

It’s Christmas time just around the corner and if your anything like me you feel the need to get yourself organised I am going to give you a selection of my favourite items so far.

Dobell Suit-

Suits can be an expensive business. Especially when you are wearing them day in day out. A new suit is always a great gift for a working man, especially if its good quality and will be hard wearing on a day to day basis. The Dobell Suit ranges do just that, with a selection of suits to compliment any figure and style. Dobell makes wearing suits more affordable for everyday work. With a wide variety and easy on the wallet price tags. Dobell is the answer to all your gift problems this Christmas.  Check out the range on

Zippo Toiletry Bag-

Another one for the men in your life, if your anything like me you would think that Zippo only made lighters. Turns out they make so much more than that.  Zippo has a huge range of items perfect for Christmas gifts for your loved ones. My Favourite was a leather toiletry bag, big enough for all your travel items in a zipped and handled stylish bag. Great for a keen traveller or work trips. Even better it comes in a gift box. To check out all the Zippo accessories head to

Personalised Books-

I am a huge fan of personalised items and books, and when you can combine the two I always think they make the perfect keepsake. I still have books from my childhood that were personalised for me. In The Book has such a beautiful range of personalised books from stories to educational books great for children from birth upwards. The books we selected were a Disney board book and an educational science one for around the body. The books come with personalisation throughout the book, not just the front cover and are Ideal for a cute little Christmas gift with more of a personal feel. Head to look at the range.

Lash Couture False Lashes-

I am not the glamorous type but when it’s a big occasion like a wedding then I do occasionally throw out all the stops. I like to ensure my makeup looks a little more glamorous than usual by using false lashes.  The Lash Couture lashes are perfect for just that. Using the lashes ensures length and a thickness to your normal eyelashes. They come with glue and are easy to fix to the lash line. The glue is sturdy and you are able to put them into the plastic case when you’re done for use time and time again. Adding a touch of glamour is what every lady wants around Christmas especially for those special New Year’s Eve parties- so they would make a great gift. Go  to to check out the range and styles.

Speck Phone Cases-

How many times have you been balancing your phone and dropped it or your little one has thrown it across the room in an act of terror?! Yep me too. Luckily for us, Speck Phone Cases have come to the rescue. These amazing phone cases are tested to the limits by a third party laboratory and dependant on which case you buy they are tested from 10 feet or 8 feet giving you extra protection. The Materials used are shock absorbent and include patented raised screen protection.  The cases are slick and slim and fit perfectly.  What’s even better is they are scratch resistant and include a lifetime warranty. Which is perfect for me as I am forever battering my phone or case. These would make the perfect gift for Christmas for that typical ‘Phone dropper that everyone has in their family’ Head to to browse the selection of cases.


I always have my nails painted and in recent months I look at my toes and they don’t have the same ‘Shine’ as having shellac. Unfortunately I am not a millionaire so can’t afford to have my toe nails painted monthly. Thankfully Sensationail came to the rescue. With the ease of a setting lamp in under two minutes and peel off gel so no long soaking for nails either. I know how many friends and family members that this would be perfect for and make a great gift. The set comes with a lamp, peel off varnishes, top coat and base coat, with simple instructions you have can salon ready nails in under ten minutes. Busy mums and working ladies would love this gift as a little pamper that doesn’t take long. Head to for yours.

Stabilo Giant Crayons-

What do kids love doing? colouring! You can deny it but i dont know a child that doesnt want to draw on everything. These 10 STABILO Woody 3-in-1 Pencils are a cross between a pencil and a wax crayon, the thick 10mm lead produces dense, bright, non-toxic colour and is great fun to use.. Works great on light and dark papers; easy to hold; doesn’t break up like traditional crayons; and wipes off non-porous surfaces including windows and glass!! which is great for crafty projects around halloween and christmas where in your good nature you let them loose on the house! the pack contains 205 Yellow, 220 Orange, 310 Stabilo Red, 355 Flesh Pink, 405 Ultramarine Blue, 533 Dark Green, 630 Brown, 750 Black, 470 Turquoise, 570 Light Green. At a bargain price these mutli purpose crayons are ideal for little ones everywhere. Buy yours here.

Ravensburger Junior Labyrinth Game- 

At Christmas we always love to play games and Erin has got in on this tradition. Being younger she can’t play some of the games we do. So games like Ravensburger’s Junior Labyrinth game is perfect for children aged 5 years and over. The aim of the game is to shift the maze walls and move your ghosts through open corridors on the board in search of treasures. Whoever reaches the  treasure first can claim it, but the corridors close up quickly as the maze walls shift, so it can take a few turns to reach a goal. It takes both strategy and luck to collect the most treasures and win the game. Perfect for old and young this addictive game makes the perfect Christmas gift. You can purchase it here. 

Angela Langford Bloom and Glow Face Oil-  

With the older generation in mind (although I would love to keep this one for myself). The Angela Langford Bloom and Glow has been approved by the Good Housekeeping institute- what an akalade! This silky smooth oil with dropper to make application simple, should be the staple of any make up bag. Chia seed & sea buckthorn are blended together to deliver high levels of essential fatty acids, vitamins & antioxidants – it improves skin’s elasticity, calms inflammation & restores radiance. Perfect for any skin type and a great accessory for any lovely lady in your life. With 5 star reviews this 15ml bottle is like a small bottle of gold. I would never be without it since using it daily and people complimenting me on my skin. Not only does it smell amazing but it does what it says on the tin. You can buy yours or a treat for someone for Christmas from here.