Do you want youthful glowing skin in 3 weeks!? yes me too!!

Do you want Youthful Glowing Skin in 3 Weeks??

I bloody do!!! I have been using the Sensse products for a while now and my skin has been looking great. Check out my reviews here. I now have the full set! The Sensse Hot and Cold Ultrasonic massaging hot and cool ultrasonic face cleaner and pore tightener is  stimulates blood circulation, improves cell production, and cleanses away toxins in your face and neck. While other brands make products that vibrate and cleanse, they utilize hot and cool technology to open and close pores, helping to revitalize skin and leave you feeling refreshed and beautiful.

Sometimes I have quite large pores and feel quite self conscious about them, especially when I am out and about. When I was asked to try this fab new product I couldn’t wait.

The product itself is charged with a USB wire and charging base. This is really handy as I hate having to change batteries. Looking at the product its very pleasing to the eye, as with all of the range. Rose gold and ivory makes it pretty enough to have out on a dressing table or in your bathroom.

Using the Hot Cold tightener is really simple, the hot mode will open your pores for a deep clean cleanse, while the cooling technology tightens pores, making your face clean, bright, and blemish free!

Its nearly my birthday and becoming a year older always makes me worry about bags under my eyes and sagging skin. Luckily after using this my face appeared lifted and taught and my eyes were significantly less puffy. The system works like having treatments in the salon without the huge bill or need to even leave the house.

Even better the product comes with a 2 Year Warranty & 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. What could go wrong?! Buy yours here!

How to get youthful skin in 3 weeks