Apley Maize Maze and Teddy Bears Picnic- Perfect Summer Fun!

It’s the summer holidays and all I am getting in my ear is ‘I’m bored’. Unfortunately, I still have to work during the holidays but I have one day a week off so I am trying to use these to their full potential and spend my time wisely with Erin.

Last week we were invited to Apley Maize Maze and The Teddy Bears Picnic. We have been to Apley before but only to Scotty’s Donkeys and Piggy’s Playbarn, both of which Erin has thoroughly enjoyed. So we were excited to see what was on offer.

The Maize Maze is a man-made and is a part of Apley’s Summer of fun for 2018. Located between Telford and Bridgnorth in Shropshire, from the 15th July to 30th September during the normal opening hours. The Tickets range from £5 and £39 and are cheaper when purchased online. They can be used on any day so any issues with rain don’t panic they can still be used and your day out is as flexible as possible.

The tickets can also be purchased for more than one attraction on the day saving even more money. The Maze tickets include as long as you want to complete the maze and a field for the kids to let off steam with football goals, hay bales to climb and a Large Tyre climb to test out the kids balance and tire them out whilst you sit and enjoy a refreshment from the stand or a picnic (which you are able to bring your own on the bench).

We decided to join the Teddy Bear’s picnic which runs every Wednesday throughout the summer holidays. The Picnic is £6.50 per child which must be accompanied by an adult- Adult lunches are also £6.50. The price also includes two hours play in Pig’s Playbarn. But this isn’t your standard Teddy Bear’s picnic it follows the much-loved story ‘Were going on a bear hunt’. There is even an onsite photographer who is able to take pictures of your little ones or family pictures available for purchase on the day.

The children are given their healthy dinners with a choice of sandwiches in a decorated box including a drink. Next two members of staff take the little ones on an adventure- not wanting to spoil the action but Shhhh….it includes snow, a hunt and parachutes! After all the fun packed action you can relax with a drink in the play barn whilst the kids run off steam.  The girls thought this was amazing and loved every second! It was very hands-on and not just your standard- ‘here’s a picnic…get on with it’.

When we arrived we headed to the play barn to collect our tickets where the rules were explained for the maze and the Teddy Bear’s picnic meet time was issued. We were in the Maze for 1 Hour 45 minutes and used the map to find our way around. On the way, there are educational stop points with stamps to complete your booklets. We were also given a flag to ensure if we needed to get out quickly we could. There is also a challenge to not open your sealed map when heading round to see if you can find your way out.  We weren’t so successful! Partly down to me giving the map to Erin…. She’s 6 and has an as much directional sense as me! But it was still great none the less!

Overall we had a complete day out at one place, we arrived at 9.30am and left at 3 pm.  A pretty successful day all round. The girls loved it and I would certainly recommend.