Missing children…

I have a severe fear of kids going missing. Since I was little it has become more apparent that kids go missing far more frequently than I would like. This scares me. Who would have the heart to steal a child and what on earth would you get from it?! Most of the time I want to send mine back- not steal one!!

We have just been to Disneyworld- a holiday of a lifetime that could have been ruined so easily by Erin going missing. I tried to fathom ways of ensuring Erin wasn’t dragged into looking at every thing as in the shops it can be busy and if someone walked in front of her for a split second and she moved I have to spend a few seconds trying to find her. You know those Heart wrenching moments. Your stomach drops and the sweat starts to pour off your head. A minute seems like an hour and you feel like no one can hear you! Yep? We have all been there.

Disney is a holiday and I did not want this to happen. That’s where Kidstrapp came to the rescue. A very clever wrist strap that enabled me to have peace of mind.

Kidstrapp comes in a thin packet (perfect for packing for trips). The thin strap is reusable with clasps and is able to be made smaller/bigger depending on the size of your child’s wrist. All you need to do is write your number on the strap to enable people to call you if they find your child. Simple concept hey?! Well it gets even better. Kidstrapp also has an app that ensures if your child is missing the person that finds your child can reunite them with you. They do this by downloading the app and scanning your child’s band.

Within the app you can log where to meet your child, a code word, allergy information and any other details you want to include. The concept is really great and such an easy way to ensure kids can be reunited.

Thankfully Erin didn’t go missing on holiday but I knew that if she did she would have had an extra security layer from Kidstrapp.

You can buy Kidstrapp from and the bands are £3 for 3. An absolute bargain. You can buy extra settings on the app for 99p or just use the standard app for free. All in all it’s worth every penny because you can’t put a price on your child’s safety.