How to stop your IPhone running out of battery!

Now I was that girl who used to carry a bloody phone charger everywhere she went! I used to carry charging blocks and had tried most cheap cases on Amazon. Little did I realise this would soon be part of the past!

My phone always had a nack of dying at 80% which was what I like to call- infuriating!!! Being a blogger I am always on my phone for something.

The Phinexi charging case has changed my life!!! When I was asked to review the case I was skeptical as other cases I have tried made my phone huge and didn’t charge properly and ended up breaking pretty quickly. All I can say to you is I went to Florida for ten days and haven’t run out of battery once. Not only that but some days I was coming home with the same amount of battery I left the house with! I thought this was a thing of the past!!!!

The phone case is black Silicone with a heart button that you can turn the charging capabilities on and off. There are also lights to indicate when it’s charging. The case is one of the slimmest in the world as a charging case and therefore doesn’t make your phone seem massive. To use the case you just charge your phone as normal and turn on the charger when you are running low by double tapping the button. It’s that simple!

I really loved this case and would definitely invest in one every time I have a new phone. My only criticism was that it only comes in black so hides my rose gold IPhone. But for constant charge this is something I am willing to get over!

The phone case can be bought at Phinexi for £29.99 currently on sale. The case gives you 140% additional battery life from one charge and ensures your phone is protected from knocks and damage. It’s well worth every penny! You should head out and get yours now! In the Jones household our lives have definitely changed as a result of the charging case! I would give it 9/10 and if it came in other colours it would be a full 10!