Child’s Farm solutions for senstive Skin


When your child is covered in eczema and scratching no end you want to tear your hair out- meanwhile she’s screaming ‘it’s in my eyes’ ‘it hurts’ as you can tell bath time is not a smooth process for us all of the time!


Childs Farm are a product that has definitely helped us in both of these issues! Childs Farm is a set of Paediatrician and dermatologist approved liquid soaps which are perfect for sensitive and eczema prone skins. The body washes and shampoos come in a flip top bottle and include luxurious ingredients including Argon Oil. They come in several different flavours including strawberry and mint which smells so good you could eat it!


We were sent the ‘3 in 1 Swim’ in Strawberry and Organic Mint, Organic Tangerine Bubble Bath, Organic Sweet Orange Hair and Body wash. The 3 in 1 Swim really grabbed my attention as I take Erin to swimming lessons every Friday and we both end up washing our hair- trying to take body washes shampoos and conditioner proves to be a mild nightmare!!! So on our normal Friday afternoon swim I took one bottle- Child’s Farm. This was a big enough revelation without even testing the product! After swimming we both used the 3 in 1 and washed our bodies and our hair and not only did it smell amazing it cleaned really well. Erin realised it didn’t sting her eyes and was happily enjoying telling me all of the smells she could smell in her hair with made washing her hair a more sensory experience. Erin gave this product 10 out of 10!



Next time we decided to test the product I gave Maisie a bath in it- now we are always dubious to put anything out of the ordinary in her bath as her eczema is so bad and flares up at the slightest thing. I decided to give it a try and to my amazement it actually helped! The smell of the tangerines was fantastic and relieves me to find that a lot of the product is made from organic and natural products which certainly help distressed and sensitive skins. The bubbles in the bath lasted throughout the bath even with little fingers and toes splashing about no end! We washed her hair with the orange shampoo and it left it feeling squeaky clean and had a lovely shine to it!


Childs farm is available at several shops including Waitrose and Boots and retails at £3.99 or can be purchased at


I would definitely recommend this product to children and adults alike as it is a fantastic product that really helps hair look shiny and healthy smells amazing and makes bath time fun!