“Please keep me safe mummy”

Last night I tucked Erin into bed and she asked me to “make her safe”. I stopped and I thought why should this concern of a four year old? Why should my baby girl ever feel unsafe. I was heartbroken.

I asked Erin why she felt unsafe and all she said was everyone’s gone there will be no one to make her safe. Why was she thinking like this? Why was she unsafe and thought everyone would leave her. I hate thinking that kids are so logical and think of things so logically. In fact it breaks my heart.

I tried as hard as I could to try and convince her that she would always be safe and no matter what when I was there or anyone in her family or friends she would never have to worry. She was less than convinced. I tucked her in as tight as I could to try and reassure her. Worrying about my beautiful baby girl and what was going through her little head.

I am a known worrier and tend to blow things out of proportion in my head within 60 seconds.  I have done exactly that an escalated a Kids thought into a deep concern. I pray that it is just a kids logic and nothing for concern but I don’t want my baby girl to feel unsafe. I want her to feel like she never has a fear or a negative thought about anything, but how long can I keep her in a perfect little bubble?