Messy Kids…. you need a trip to Messy Me!

I am convinced is it inbred in toddlers and babies to think that messy is fun?! Even to the point where they think that eating their dinner should be some hilariously messy affair that includes smearing spaghetti all over the floor! When Helen at Messy Me offered us the chance to review one of her products it was like music to my ears! is a company which produces stylish wipe clean products for busy mums and messy little ones. They have won several awards and all of their products are produced from wipe clean oil cloth material. They have high chair covers, clutch bags, bibs, tunic bibs and messy mats to name a few. We chose to review the Messy mat in teal which retails at £23.99 it comes in several different colours and is 90 x 120cms so covers a nice amount of space under a highchair or table for dinner times- it is even able to be machine washed occasionally at 30’ heat. Whichever item you choose there is a matching item in the same colour so you could purchase the whole set. 

 We primarily use ours for play doh and painting! Having old wooden floors in the house which have grains in the worst thing that can happen is for play doh to be wedged in an you spend the next hour trying to unpick it out the floor!! So when the Messy Mat arrived we thought a play doh session would be the way forwards! This equalled a happy toddler as mummy didn’t spend forever saying ‘Keep it on the tray’, ‘be careful of the floor’. Erin played happily on the mat which to my delight wasn’t slippy on the floor like other products I had used in the past as she is so clumsy and normally topples over at the slightest thing (normally air!!) we finished playing and I picked up the mat once all of the big pieces of play doh were back in the pots and shook it outside, it easily came of the mat and didn’t leave a greasy substance which I expected, I spray some antibacterial spray and wiped clean, it even air dried in a matter of minutes and folded up small enough to put away in a draw!

 We loved everything about this mat, the size, the ease of use, the colour and the fact it folds away! A definite recommendation from us! To buy any of the products you can go to