#WIN Lansinoh Single Electric Breast pump!

Are you a Mum on the go, does your little one struggle to latch on but you would still like that feed? Even if you just need a rest, then a breast pump maybe for you.

Lansinoh has teamed up with Glossytots to bring you guys a very exciting competition. You can WIN your very own Lansinoh single breast pump which you can currently purchase for £115! from Mothercare.

To enter scroll to the bottom of the page.

A bit of an insight into the world of Lansinoh Single Electric Breast Pump;

This breast pump is perfect for busy mum’s. The design ensures it is light and portable so you don’t have to worry about being chained to the house and can express on the move. You can either use the pump with 6 AA batteries or mains operated.

Lansinoh have ensured maximum comfort is achieved and has been designed with mum’s in mind, it has six suction levels, which ensures whatever your style of expressing, they have it covered.

To ensure quick and easy use, the pump mimics baby’s natural feeding pattern with two-phase technology including a letdown phase- this includes a rapid suction to stimulate milk flow, whilst the expression phase has a slower and deeper suction to maximise milk quantities.

The new ComfortFit comprises of a soft silicone breast cushion which ensures there’s a secure seal around the breast and a perfect fit.  A NaturalWave Teat with a cap is included allowing you to express, store and feed with ease.

 As cleanliness is key for both you and your little one the pump is able to be washed in the upper compartment of your dishwasher or hand washed in hot soapy water.
Most pumps are fiddly to clean but the expertise of Lansinoh have ensured for your ease the tubing and tubing connectors do not need to be washed or sterilised as there is a diaphragm which allows the milk to be kept separate.

 To Win your own Enter below;

Lansinoh Electric Single Breast Pump