Super Heroes Need super Snacks!!

Super Heroes Need super Snacks!!

I have a little wonder woman and trust me she needs substance to fuel the diva strops! We are always in need of snacks that are good on the go and handy to put into our bag and have when out and about.


When our favourite food brand contacted us we were excited to join them on their new adventure! Ella’s Kitchen has produced a new range of interactive superhero treats in the form of smoothies and fruity bars. We were sent Rocketing Raspberry and Mango fruity bars and Pow pow Pineapple and coconut fruity bars.  We were also sent smoothies that included our favourite mango and pumpkin!


The fruity bars that we enjoyed came in a box with a superhero mask included which Erin thought was fantastic for snack time!! Whilst she opened her mask and played with that I had a look at the fruity bars at only 2 inches long they are perfect for bite size treats. They smell delicious and are packed with fruit and oat goodness! Erin was a massive fan of these and loved the fact they were small enough that she could have more than one!


Erin has found a new love in her life with the smoothies! She will eat them day in and day out! Once she finished one she was onto the next!! The Mango and Pumpkin was a definite winner and was a great choice for an autumn snack!


Ella’s Kitchen is a family run business from the inspiration of Ella- the founder Paul Lindley’s Daughter.All of Ella’s kitchen products are made from the best quality food items and have nothing that is bad for little one’s tummies! Natural products are always used and the items never have any additional ‘hyper powers! (sugars!!).  The packaging is always bright and attractive to both parents and children alike which is unusual as the more healthy the item is the more boring the packaging normally is!!


The Ella’s kitchen range is available at most supermarkets and is not an expensive snack, they also include meals and desserts for most age ranges!  We also have a secret… we will be testing a new Christmas product for Ella’s Kitchen so stay tuned…. SHHHH!!!


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