Book review

Men, love and Birth book review

Men, babies and birth… not 3 things that normally gel together well! Having been through it I was well supported at birth but not because anything that occurred helped me but it wasn’t a hindrance! If there were things that could have helped me would I have been really happy!? Yes of course I would have been!  We were offered a chance to review ‘Men love and birth’ a book designed for men to aid their partners in the miracle that is child birth. To be honest with this one I was cynical… I assumed it would be a ‘how to’ cheesy book that consisted of really corny remarks like ‘rub her back in circular movements’ not something I would want at birth and on top of that a really boring book…. But this book is so different! It’s entertaining, comical and informative. It is written by Mark Harris who runs workshops for Dads to be and became a midwife in 1994. Mark also has 6 children and 6 grandchildren so he knows what he is on about!

As there aren’t many books on the market for men I thought it was a really innovative idea to make sure they were engaged enough to get to the end of the book! The book covers everything from pregnancy, massage, sex, labour and even as far as breastfeeding everything to ensure your partner is ready for the birth of your baby and beyond. Even as a woman reading this book I laughed at the jokes and was engaged and agreed that these were all things that would help in the run up to child birth and including labour and when the baby arrives.  It can be a daunting experience for any parent let alone ones that feel left out as they don’t have any of the feelings or connections that a mum does.  The book is absolute genius and needs to be on any expectant father’s Christmas list! Guys- it doesn’t even have soppy pics of babies on front and is blue and manly! (We know how embarrassed you guys get about things!) You can purchase the book from most outlets such as Amazon or £9.99. You can also find out more information at