Gift solutions for Everyone this Christmas

Halloween is over, its the 2nd November and everywhere has turned Christmas crazy. Me included! I am fairly prepared for the big day due to having a baby due a week after! I thought I would share with you some of the fab things I have come across in the hunt for the ideal Christmas gifts.

Foobot Air Monitor

With a baby on the way, making sure we have the safest environment possible is the highest priority. The Foobot provides air monitoring services and technologies that allow the measurement of indoor pollution, leading to improved air quality in homes, it is also able to detect pollution outside and can even sense odourless pollutants.
With its sleek white design, the Foobot effortlessly fits in with your surroundings enabling you to keep your home safe alongside looking great.

Footbot works off an app that can give you alerts and show you in detail the air quality in your home, before you’re able to fight the pollutant you need to measure it. The Foobot gives you the perfect way to do this.  Easy to set up through the app and with colour coded lights to warn of any pollutant dangers the Foobot is the perfect companion to any home set up. To buy a Foobot head to Amazon.

Body shop

I have always been a huge fan of the Body Shop and their products and the latest range of products is no different. From sweet fruity smells to Christmas delights The Body Shop has a little something for everyone- Men, Women and Children. Even better you could have a party at home! Fizz, treatments and samples and everything is easily accessible and ordered straight to your door. To check out what is available head to Body Shop at Home.

Hape Musical Penguin wobbler-

With the fear that I may have a baby before Christmas and no gifts to give her on Christmas day (yes I know she won’t know but I have a 6-year old that will question why Santa hasn’t bought her anything!!!). So the Hape Musical Penguin Wobbler was great. Not too expensive, and a sensory toy with bright colours and a wooden base it will make the perfect gift. The penguin can’t fall over so it won’t be annoying for her when it falls, instead, it will wobble with her touch and keep her entertained with the soft music. You can pick one up in Smyths Toys.


Ever think you need stocking fillers the man in your life?! yep me too. Matt is the hardest person in the world to buy for and especially for things like stocking fillers. Thankfully I have managed to find the perfect gift. He uses the Dermalex products for his face as he has Rosacea. So this Christmas Matt will be able to try the new Dermalex  Repair and Restore Cream and his good old favourite the Rosacea Cream. Both of which work wonders on temperamental skin and will be perfect for the winter months. You can find the range in Boots. 

 Let’s Flamingle bath bombs

In this house, we LOVE bath bombs and anything fun with a Flamingo or Unicorn theme so when we found the Flamingle Bath Bombs also support the World Animal Protection we were immediately sold.  The set includes Flock Star Bath Blaster 160g, Flamingoals Bath Mallow 50g, Raspberry Riptide Mallow 50g, Passionista Shower Gel 300ml, Let’s Go Disco Soap 140g. buying products from this site makes Christmas that little bit more special as you are giving twice- to a person you love and a fantastic charity. To Buy this or browse other gifts on the site head to WPAS.

Personalised bunnies

When these bunnies arrived I was so excited, I am still in two minds to see if I should give one to Erin off the baby when she is born or for Christmas but either way they will have the same as they are just adorable. We have a thing for bunnies already and the girls already have a few, but the best things about these adorable bunnies are that they are personalised on the ear so they have the exact same ones and we can tell them apart. I can unfortunately only use a picture of the one as the other has babies name on! but if you want some of these or some other stunning personalised gifts head to Gift Pup.

Newbie Clothing

If you have known me for a while or follow my Instagram you know that Erin and I live by the rule of ‘Twinning is Winning’ with that in mind you can imagine what I am going to be like with the girls. (sorry to anyone who doesn’t like to dress their kids the same). I have loved a lot of the Newbie clothing for a while and love the fact they do baby clothing the same as older children, not many places do that. I also love the quality of the clothes and the softness of the material. So this year the girlies are going to have some matching outfits! They have such a fab selection of clothing from babies to older children and some lovely little gifts too, all at a great price. Head to Newbie to check them out.


Anyone got a toddler/child with a broken arm when it comes to brushing teeth!? yep me too. Erin seems to forget that she actually has to clean ALL teeth!! Thank heavens for Playbrush! as soon as you make brushing into a game she is quite happy to brush- sometimes even twice for good measure and that she can play the game again. Playbrush allows you to play games on an app which secretly help your little ones brush (don’t tell them that though!!). It knows what the toothbrush is doing and assists with changing sides and ensuring all teeth are brushed thoroughly. Playbrush is the perfect companion for any little brusher and you can get yours here.

Summerton Club

My Dad is the most irritating person to buy for as he always has everything he wants. Which makes gift buying tricky. As he is Scottish he is a big whiskey fan and loves a single malt. Especially trying new ones. With this in mind, the Summerton Club seems like the perfect answer. A subscription to a whiskey club which sends out new whiskeys/rums or brandy from an expertly curated collection to your recipient’s front door on or just after the 21st of every month for 3 months. Even better they aren’t samples or drams, they are full bottles!!  If you want to gift a subscription this year head to Summerton Club.

Ravensburger Break Free Game

We always like to play a game on Christmas day so I always include one for Erin’s gifts. This fantastic game means you are locked up in handcuffs and seeing how fast you can break free. In this mission, you have to use your spy skills to pick the lock and escape. The more points you get from breaking free means beating your friends.  This game is perfect for children aged 6 plus so will be fun for adults too. If you want to get into the spirit of Christmas gaming head to Ravensburger.

Popaball Prosecco Shimmer-

Who doesn’t want to drink their cocktails/Prosecco and even soft drinks without feeling like a unicorn this Christmas?! Nope me neither and I can’t drink!! Popaball are giving you the exact opportunity to enjoy being a real life unicorn with their Prosecco shimmer, you can pop it in clearish liquids to give a rose gold shimmer and make your Christmas that little bit more sparkling! There are also lots of other Popaball products that can see you all the way into new year! Click here to buy yours!