Shake yourself Slim with Forza

Faddy diets aren’t me… I mean I try, my god I try but I’m useless at them! I don’t like eating most healthy foods and I am a sucker for cravings. When I was asked to Try Forza’s new product ‘Shake it slim’ I thought I would give it a go.

The great thing about shake it slim is it doesn’t actually replace food altogether which is a big plus for me! The concept is to have a shake as a meal replacement at breakfast and lunch and eat a small meal with low calories on the evening.  My biggest fear about the product was the fact that the shakes are made with 300ml of water… I have tried other brands of shake with water and they are disgusting and lumpy- Shake it slim was a whole different story!
I mixed the shake in the shaker that is available to use with it that has a handle for ease of carrying around or clipping to a pushchair if you are a mummy on the go and the measurements on the side with two shaking devices inside to ensure no lumps! The shake came out like an American milkshake!! At this point I was rather excited and couldn’t wait to try it.
The 3 flavours that come in the starter pack are vanilla, chocolate and strawberry, personally my favourite was the strawberry and honestly it is delicious!!!! It tastes like it was made with Milk and was smooth with no lumps in sight and only 204 calories of vitamins and minerals. I found it easy to exchange two meals a day for the shake as I don’t eat anything for breakfast normally and lunch I eat rubbish!
The shake suggests you drink a lot of water with it to ensure it works to its best and this is another reason why I loved the fact you can use the shaker to monitor water levels in between shakes!


With the shakes and exercise I have lost 3lbs over two weeks and that’s not rigidly sticking to it either!  You can purchase Forza from Boots and Amazon at a price of £18.99 for the starter pack and the shaker is £4.95. It really is a great product and tastes delicious something I would definitely try again!