Disney Princess Backpack Review – #Backtoschool

We are at it again! Disney fans are loving another product. This time it is in preparation for Erin going back to school in September. Yes, I hear you… that's ages away. But I do not have a weekend free until the middle of September. Year one will be the year when I am organised. Ok, just let me dream… I know it won't become reality.

Not only do I need to get all of Erin's new uniform as she grows at the rate of a great Dane puppy, but I also need to sort out those little extras like bags, pencil cases and shoes.  Luckily for me, SAMBRO came to the saviour.

We have been asked to review their fantastic new Disney Princess bag, pencil case and notepad. If you read our blog's frequently you will know Erin is Disneys English Princess. She prances around like she's royalty and adores anything Disney. As a result, this bag was a massive hit for her.

First Impressions;

The bag is a good size and can fit a pencil case, lunch bag and a notepad in with room to spare. It will be ideal for the days when she takes off her cardigan and wants to put it somewhere safe.

The material is thick and not going to break or tear easily which is great as with a five-year-old, you want things to last.  The bag and pencil case has a wipeable front which is ideal for me. Erin is messy, to say the least. The notepad and pencil case match the motif.



The features;

The bag has a zip top and a front pocket with adjustable straps so this can grow with your child, or be extended to be worn with a winter coat.

The pencil case also has a zip top with a large enough zip for little fingers which I really liked.




The Conclusion;

Erin has taken her bag and her pencil case on a road test for the past two days to ensure that it comes under rigorous testing before school. It has definitely stood its ground and has been great for putting things in but is also not too big. Erin also has to take a book bag to school so needs to be able to not be laden with bags. I really like the set and think it's really cute as well as practical.

You can purchase the bag from and other reputable retailers.