Shopkins Happy Places App- Erin’s Happy Place

Now we are in a world of apps, iPads, and phones. I let Erin have iPad for a set amount of time each day. This is normally for an hour in the mornings. She gets up at an ungodly hour so this works well for every party. Erin really enjoys playing with apps from toy ones to educational and of course like every Ipad loving kid, spends hours on Youtube Kids!!!

To Erin’s delight, we were asked to review the new  Official Shopkins Happy Places App by Kuato Studios. The app itself is suitable for children 5 years to around 8 years old and is based on the hit toy Shopkins Happy Places. The cost of the app is free but you are able to make in-app purchases.

Kuato Studios and Moose Enterprises have announced the arrival of the first official game for the hugely successful Shopkins Happy Places brand that introduced Lil’ Shoppies and Petkins to the world.  Since the launch of the Happy Places toyline in 2016, it is now available in 65 countries worldwide and is going from strength to strength.

The game itself is a new world for your little ones to play Happy Places and create their own little ‘Happy Place’. Your little one is able to collect Lil’ Shoppies and Petkins to add to their house to make it a home, whilst completing ‘house goals’ set by Jessicake or Popette.

The app ensures it has a fun learning experience based on role play and storytelling through their favourite characters. You can even take snapshots of a visual diary to keep an eye on everything your Lil’ Shoppies have got up to.

The excitement of downloading this game in our house was extraordinary, Erin loves Shopkins, Lil Shoppies and Petkins and I knew this was going to be the perfect App for her.

The start of the game enables your character to gain a plot of land to build for Jessicake’s new happy home. Once she was all set her new house it was Erin’s chance to explore all of the decorating options with all the super cute Petkins that are available.

Erin started by adding some beds and ensuring everything looked great in her new world. She started telling me all about the what they were all doing and why and building a story to the game.  As I watched all of the Lil’ Shoppies were playing happily with the Petkins and prompted Erin to include decor ideas based on the Lil’ Shoppies individual personalities.

Erin then took on a few House Goal Challenges this assisted in her learning as she had to work out all of the goals set such as birthday parties and cooking contests. Erin earnt several Petkins and Lil’ Shoppies whilst playing the game and we were able to buy more Petkins and Lil’ Shoppies from the surprise box delivery. This is set with a parent code which is great as I know Erin won’t be buying loads of things whilst I am not looking over her shoulder.  This enabled her to build her own Happyville and enjoy all of the extras within the game.

You can download your very own app in Apple’s App store from 6th March 2018 by clicking here.

This is just one of many games by award-winning Kuato Studios all of which can be found in the App Store.