Ulla Water Reminder Review- Drink More Water

I used to drink cans and can of coca cola daily and a number of people commented how bad it was for me, made me realise I needed to do something about it. I moved to Coke Zero and eventually weened myself off it. This left me being extremely unhealthy and not drinking very often.

I needed something to make me drink squash, I hate water and switched to sugar-free squash. I was drinking less than a glass a day and then realising at night. This then made me constantly need a wee through the night and I was dehydrated through the day. Changes needed to be made but I didn't know how. Ulla offered me one of their new Drink More Water Ulla Water reminder. I was intrigued and thought they sounded pretty good.

First Impressions;

when I received the item it was compact and came in a small box which ideally fit through my letterbox, not having to sign for it was a bonus. It was extremely easy to set up. It's able to be put onto any glass or water bottle due to the stretchy band that the Ulla clips to.  The light on the unit was very bright and flashed when it was on the bottle and ready to go. At this point, I was still fairly dubious as to if it was going to work for me because of how bad I am at drinking.


In Use:

The bottle sat on my desk full ready to go. I quickly forgot about looking at it until the light was blinking brightly in the corner of my eye. The first thing that stood out was that it has caught my attention whilst being busy at work and not looking at the unit. This was great. I drank my drink and the unit flashed to show it had registered. Every 30 minutes from then the unit flashed and reminded me to drink. That first night I was definitely less dehydrated than I had been.


Worth it?:

Since I received this item I have used it for 3 weeks to ensure it wasn't just a faddy item that would break quickly. It hasn't and has really increased the amount I drink. It's great. I now need to start taking my bottle home and continuing my good drinking behaviours there. I really like the Ulla Water reminder and the ease of setting up and use. The cost is £25.00 which I think is a little steep for the product but if it lasts for years (you are able to change the batteries), it would be worth it. The Ulla comes in different designs and colours so would also be great for kids in the heat. There are reductions for a purchase of family reminders which is beneficial.  You can buy yourself an Ulla from

All in all I really liked it and would consider using it for Erin at school, Matt drinks loads of water so it would be wasted on him. It will certainly change my drinking habits, which can only be a benefit.