Crying, colic, cure? #Ad

I have been unfortunate enough for both of my kids to have been plagued with Colic.

I prepared more this time than I did with Erin and ensured I bought anti colic bottles.

I originally started with the Nuby 360 bottles. After a few weeks of use I started to notice that the middle of the bottles kept falling out during feeding. Queue me ramming my fingers into the bottle… mid feed… Edith crying and trying to fiddle a small slippery tube back into the teat. This was fine when it happened only a few times but when it started to happen every feed I started to get really stressed out by it. Feeding is supposed to be easy and not have your bottles fail you. Next I bought loads of new teats and middle anti colic tubes… the same thing happened. Now I had sank loads of money and still didn’t have bottles that worked.

I thought ok let’s go back to the bottles I bought when Erin was 3 months… Tommee Tippee anti colic. These at least didn’t come apart but Edith screamed during every feed… I used those for a grand total of 72 hours!! Great another waste of money.

At this stage I was trying to figure a solution as I hadn’t heard about any other anti colic bottles.

That’s when I did my research Dr Browns came to the top of the list several times but I hadn’t heard much about them. I started to look into it and they looked great so I went to buy some of their bottles- this time I bought 4- learn from previous mistakes of wasting tonnes of money on bottles. Edith got on well with them and then Dr Browns offered to gift us 4 additional bottles in exchange for an honest review. Since that day we have been using them ever since.

First impressions

The bottles come in two colours- pink or white and green. I am personally more inclined to go for the pink but we have both and I use the white at home and the pink whilst out. The bottles come with a tiny bottle brush for cleaning the inside and size 1 teats. Edith is already on size 2’s already at 2.5 months so they aren’t massive flow like some other teats I have used in the past.

Using the bottles-

The bottles are really simple to use, the middle piece (valve) comes out you fill the bottle and then replace the valve and pop the lid on. Feed as normal. The teats are soft and are a nice size not too big for babies mouth. To clean the bottles is slightly more tricky but not horrendous. You need to take the valve apart and clean inside then pop it all back together and your done. I would suggest you buy the Dr Browns bottle brush as I had another brush but it wasn’t great for the size of the bottles.

Overall impression-

Since using the bottles Edith has been much happier and ultimately so have I! The faff the other bottles used to cause has gone and she’s coping well with her colic, in fact it’s much improved. I even found that burping her became easier with these bottles too. They are quite pricey but not outrageous and if I had bought these in the first place I would have saved myself loads of money anyway!

The bottles are available from boots, supermarkets and online. They retail at £12.99 for two but there are offers on packs for the more you buy.