Travelling with kids- 3 months and 6 years- the truth!

Erin is a seasoned traveller at 3 months I took her to Spain… worst holiday of my life… she decided she would scream every dinner time for food, got stung by a bee and teethed two teeth. Since then she’s been legendary! She’s gone to the Caribbean, Disney 3 times, and with us to Dubai on our current holiday.

Dubai is Edith’s first holiday. I’m not going to lie I was pretty petrified about the prospect of the plane journey but hadn’t thought what the holiday would be like in too much detail.

On the plane it was a night flight, she went to sleep when we got on the plane, slept most of the way and woke to watch the a few episodes of the Teletubbies before landing.

Great! We passed that with flying colours! (As I write this it’s the the night before our day time flight-the nerves have kicked in again!!!).

For the first 3 days- it was like I had won the lottery! Edith slept and drank and slept! Ideal! I even got to lie on my sun lounger and read a book! Winning at life.

After day 3, I realised that the sleep was baby jet lag… and now out of routine,teething bubba returned. It’s not her fault the poor bubba is in agony with her teeth… my whole logic to life has flown away in the breeze and there’s me rocking her to sleep, pushing her in the pushchair to sleep… generally making a bloody huge rod for my own back. Doh. Edith and I also have raging colds I have felt great! not!!!!

Anyway the last three days Matts has been a legend and helped out so much, (apart from the day I lifted Edith out the pushchair at dinner and wondered why she was soaked and Matt had forgot to put a nappy on her! We were in hysterics!!!) poor Edie has screamed in pain of her poor gums (why my kids have to be such young teether’s I will never know!) but all I am saying is yes I have some pretty amazing pictures this holiday where we are all smiling and happy but there are also these kind of pictures where I look knackered and Edie looks in pain.

Thankfully Erin is a legend as always and not only helped us with her sister but has also made us laugh and even been eating sushi ?

All in all I’m not scared of travelling with babies just be prepared! Take a thermometer and teething stuff! Yep two things numpty over here forgot!!!! And try and chill!

Do you have any tips? We head to Florida next month?! ?