Savoury, delicious but more importantly healthy!

Recently I have been discussing sweets over Halloween and how I was trying to make the sweets Erin ate very more healthy. 

I have overhauled “Erin’s cupboard” which is her height and when she wants something she is able to ask and get it herself. This then brought me to thinking about the savoury items she ate and if I could make a change with those too. I started to have a look around the market for some and reached out to Ella’s kitchen. They were just  about to launch a new toddler range (although I think it should be called “kids” range so not to differentiate between toddlers and older kids). 

The lovely people at the PR company have sent us a whole box of Delicious treats to snack on! Erin loves anything savoury so was really excited when we received our items. 

We were sent some cheese and leek crunchy wheels, carrot and lentil crunchy sticks and parsnip and poppy seed savoury biscuits.

Erin has loved every flavour we received and was happy for me to take the more unhealthy items out of the cupboard which was great! We have had a major overhaul and I feel like she will be much more healthy now and also enjoy snacking at the same time 🙂 thanks Ella’s Kitchen! 

You can get your own Ella’s treats from most supermarkets