Proud isn’t the word!

If you have read my blog for a long time you will know school has been somewhat testing for Erin.

We had good days, we had silly days, we had perfect days, we had naughty days. Finally things are levelling out.

Erin had a new teacher in January and I will admit I was scared. She doesn’t cope well with change, she was about to have a new baby sister and her old teacher had gone on maternity leave. I thought we may spiral back to having to talk to the teacher constantly after school. But no.

Not only has Erin got on with her new teacher like a house on fire but she can actually come home and tells me what she has learnt in a day! Hallelujah!!!

I went to parents evening Tuesday of last week and walked in with my usual dread- I walked away beaming. She has excellent rapport with her teacher, she’s coming on leaps and bounds. Yes there are things she needs to focus on.. mainly dragging herself from cloud cuckoo land but she’s doing amazingly.

Her teacher and I have given her targets to get to daily- I.e to try and come home with 2 stickers today or do some good writing as it motivates her. Last week she came home with at LEAST 2 stickers a day- star of the day certificate and a mention in the news letter.

I am so immensely proud of her and how far she’s come, she’s not just my gorgeous girl, my clever school girl but she’s also my bestie and I hope one day she reads this and knows I am proud of her every single day. Love you Erin xxx