Friction Free Shaving- A Revolutionary way to shave your legs!

Friction free shaving is not something I am able to get right… ever. I always end up cutting myself, making horrific rashes appear or missing parts of my body. Friction Free Shaving is a new company that has revolutionised the way women shave.

It is the first shaving club designed for women, to take the hassle out of shaving. Subscription boxes are in a letterbox friendly size and sent monthly. The cost is £3, £5, or £7 dependent on which blades you choose- postage and packaging is also free which is fab!

The boxes come with a new ‘Cationic’ formula (which softens hairs and reduces friction) shave cream designed to give you a closer and smoother shave and to hydrate naturally with natural coconut oil, Shea butter and Manuka honey to reduce irritation.

The cream is applied to the legs and really easy to use. Use a 50p sized amount as would a shaving foam would be and then you complete your normal shave with half the mess.

When i used this product for the first time i was able speedily shave my legs with little mess, the results were a much closer shave with no irritation.

The box also arrived with a weekly razor blade and razor which is fab. Especially if you always run out of blades and always forget to buy them in your shopping! (most of us mums know that scenario well!!). You purchase the 100ml Friction free shave cream from the  FFS Website as a stand alone product for £6 per 100ml bottle. This all follows the successful launch of their three razors Faye (great choice in name! 😉 Frankie and Samantha.

Friction Free Shaving is in Staffordshire. They have been running since 2015. In that time they have made 4 fantastic products and are going from strength to strength. Friction Free shaving are working to combat glamourised, sexualised and unrealistic shaving products and adverts for women. So lets get using the hastag #FFShaving to help in their journey!