Changing the Dynamic with Tiny Treasures Dolls!

Erin is just like me… change happens and we panic.. not just a little panic more of a tears… bad behaviour and general unsettled hell!

When I had IVF we never told her, somehow during our two failed attempts she knew. How don’t ask! But her behaviour was worse she was teary and just general not happy. So when I got pregnant the change of a new baby scared me and does a little to this day.

Thankfully the wonderful people at Kid Kreation’s sent us one their stunning new range of Tiny Treasures dolls.

The dolls are the new winter range and have so many stunning accessories, Erin was sent a little boy doll.

We named him Alfie. He came strapped into a car seat, and is weighted to feel just like a real new born baby- even to the fact that when you hold him up unless you support his head it flops around!

We were also sent some of the new accessories packs too which include a bag that turns into a seat for the doll to sit on and clothing packs, all of which are great for a realistic experience even the fact he comes with a birth certificate and hospital band.

I have never seen Erin’s face light up so much as when the stunning package arrived and she spent every day since taking Alfie everywhere.

Erin has showed me how she will hold the new baby when she arrives and how she’s going to look after her the same way she does Alfie! She has practiced putting a nappy on him, pushed him around in the pram, changed his clothes and fed him! She’s been a right little mummy and it’s been so adorable to watch.

The way Alfie has helped put my mind at rest that she will not stress when the new baby is here is amazing! And I would suggest to anyone with a baby on the way to pick up one of these beautiful dolls ready for the impending arrival. You can pick them up in Argos along with tonnes of accessories to grow your collection as and when you need to.