Rosiebella Bow Review

Rosiebella Bows- 

one word beautiful!! Erin was lucky enough to be sent a Rosiebella glitter bow in white. When the bow came Erin was hopping around with excitement as she loves a hair accessory!

The clip is about 2 inches long and has a crocodile clip to attach to the hair, but as these are made for toddlers they have material over the spikes so not to hurt little ones heads which is a fantastic idea as it doesn’t pull the hair either! All Rosiebella bows are handmade and are of a very high quality. They slide into little ones hair with ease and look beautiful! We are really pleased with the bow and the fact you can buy hair band extensions is great!! The clip then turns into a multifunctional hair band and clip! What more could you need 🙂 they come in so many different colours you would be able to have one for each outfit!  We love them! 

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Nb. We were given the bow to review in exchange for an honest review and all pictures and opinions are my own.