Baby clothing- I forgot what I need!!!

I haven’t had a baby for 6.5 years… I literally sit trying to think of things I need and how many of each thing and my mind goes blank.

Luckily Babiroo Organic clothing has come to our rescue. They have sent over one of their stunning “coming home collections” which came in a stunning basket all wrapped in a bag and included: a hat, a baby grow, a swaddle blanket, a sleeping bag, and a teething toy.

All of the items I received were in pink but come in a blue and neutral mint green. In sizes 0-3 months they retail at £119.99. So if you had a family member you wanted to buy some stunning organic Egyptian cotton items for these would be perfect.

All of the clothes feel really soft and luxurious. I love having some really special pieces for when little ones are born as it’s nice to have some bits for when they come home from hospital etc.

The gift basket has really helped me start a basis of what I need to get more of too. I have made lists of the items I already have from the basket and that I need to get some more of.

The Babiroo website has so many gorgeous items for your impending arrivals that I could spend hours looking at all the gorgeous simple clothes that are just beautiful.

The items stocked on the website are not just lovely to touch but are also kind to the earth. They eradicate all of the chemicals and synthetic used in clothing and instead replacing it with the most beautiful organic cotton. The perfect item for any new baby.