A Different Spin on #BostikBloggers Back to School Month

Welcome back to our monthly easy at home craft with #Bostikbloggers to check out our previous craft posts click here.

The Theme this month is Back to school. I thought about this theme carefully and what it meant for Erin and I.

Since starting school she has come on leaps and bounds but she still has a major fear of change. Change is something I always fear and moving up to the next class with a new teacher is something Erin majorly fears.

Before the end of term we had tears and crying for no reason.

We figured it was due to her starting in year two and I went to see the teacher, after this she was better but we still keep seeing the odd wobble.

We decided to make a “calm bag” for this months craft- if she has worries or fears she can write a note in the bag and we would then look at them together. Having the notes written down seem to expel her fears and enable me to understand. They are also really easy to make!

All you need is:

  • A small cotton bag
  • Fabric stick on letter
  • Paper

It’s so simple all you need to do is Stick is stick your letters to the bag and cut your paper to fit. Put it somewhere you can both reach and agree on a weekly time it will be looked at.

As a first “worry” Erin didn’t know what her first day would be like, I suggested we painted people and rein-acted her first day. She painted a mum and son perfectly and I showed her exactly what would happen. She seemed much happier. I think the bag works well and she uses it to show me what she’s thinking.