New Nuby Treats for Little Tinkers- including the new Suregrip range!

Nuby is one of those brands that I trust. It is one of those brands that has a great name and is a household name among parents nationwide. We are lucky enough to be an ambassador for Nuby and are sent packages every few months.

This month we have been sent some absolutely fantastic products. All of which are great for Erin and Maisie. To make it fair I split the package between the girls and gave Maisie the bath toys and bib. The bath toys were an immediate hit and hadn’t even made it to the bath! She spent over an hour whizzing the boats around the kitchen making NeNaw noises! She also asked me several times for a bath even though she had already had one!

The bib was as exciting as Maisie really enjoyed the penguin on the front (even if it was a little hard to say!) the bib has a great catching feature for those stray foods and fit really nicely around her neck without those ghastly marks that some bibs leave.

I gave Erin the other products that had come in the package which included a flip bottle cup, cutlery set and plate. I have never seen Erin so excited to eat her dinner!!! (As you will see from the pictures!!) the plate is a fab pink and has a none slip coating so perfect the clumsiest of kids- jus like Erin! The cutlery is perfect for little fingers and is really easy to grip and use. I am especially glad about this as she has some right tantrums trying to use her cutlery when it slides out of her hands!!! The bottle is also great and even better doesn’t leak!!!

All in all we had some great gifts from Nuby!  For details of the items you can head to

We had the Insulated Flip it 9oz Flowers cup suitable for 12-18m (rrp £4.99). Fireman Bath Floaties 6M+ (rrp £6.99). The catch all bib- Penguin (6m) (rrp £2.99). The Suregrip Miracle Mat and plate in pink (12m+) (rrp £7.99) and the stainless steel cutlery set in pink and purple (18m+) (rrp £4.99).