Minnie Mouse Bow-Tel Hotel Review #AD

If you have followed my blog for a while you will know we are complete Disney fanatics we love everything Disney. My girls both had a Minnie Mouse as their first teddy bear so we love it when we can follow the trend with a loveable character for toys too.

The Minnie Mouse Bow-Tel Hotel is a 4 story hotel double sided play set that can keep a little one quiet for hours. In the striking pink colour with glittery pink and lilac Minnie ears on the top. The Bow-tel Hotel includes furniture, characters Minnie Mouse, Daisy Duck and Snowpuff. (Other characters are available separately). The Playset includes a working elevator and comes with 20 accessories including a reception desk that talks with several sayings from the main girl herself Minnie!

First Impressions

When we received the Minnie Mouse Bow-Tel Hotel we were super excited Edith couldn’t wait to open it. When we opened it it was simple to unbox and didn’t have anything that we needed to use screwdrivers for or anything that took time to build which is fantastic when you have a very impatient two year old. The only thing that we needed to do was place the slide in place and put the furniture in the rooms which didn’t take long at all. It even came with batteries in the reception desk which was really handy!

Overall Opinion-

Edith has played with the Minnie Bow-Tel Hotel for hours on end since we have had it and is able to use every aspect of the playset including the elevator which I was concerned she wouldn’t be able to do. The Bow-Tel has sparked a lot of imaginary play and is great for role play and relaying experience through play. There are no tiny bits so I don’t have to worry about Edith swallowing anything and the hotel is tall (around 2ft) but compact so can go away nicely if needed. Edith says its the best toy she has and