Care and protect….not just for bums but fingernails too!!!

I have a pet hate… and it’s that I love Sudocrem but I hate putting my fingers in the big tub and getting it all under my nails but I find the results so good I can’t stop using it on the girls! Thankfully Sudocrem have heard my prayers to stop gouging the white cream from under my fingernails and they have brought out Sudocrem care and protect which is their new nappy rash ointment and comes in a tube! Hallelujah!

The Cream comes in a tube and is delicate enough to use every day of babies skin. It has a triple protection system including- creating a protective barrier to stop germs and the effects of urine and faeces on little ones bottoms. Conditioning the skin with vitamin E and pro vitamin B5 to ensure it’s at the softest it can be, Guarding against infection and ensuring that any broken skin is protected and the cream is hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested free from artificial colours and preservatives to ensure the best ingredients are used on your little one.

The new Sudocrem Nappy rash ointment won Best Nappy Cream in 2015 and from our short time using the product it has worked wonders on Maisie’s bum- she had terribly cracked skin from teething and two uses of this cleared it up perfectly! We also have to use this on Erin as sometimes she gets sweaty from running around and it really helps clear up the chafe marks on her inner thighs. I have also used this on a bite and graze which both worked fantastically it can literally be used on anything! And fits snugly in the pocket of your changing bag! A massive improvement on the tub that was bulky and got everything stuck in my fingernails!! Yay go Sudocrem!