Life Overhaul with Bellabeat Leaf

For years I have used a Fitbit to track my steps. That’s what I thought I needed….until now!

Bellabeat are an American company who have bought their unique tracker into the UK market. It isn’t just a fitness tracker it’s a life tracker.

The Bellabeat Leaf tracks your day to day life including-

  • Steps and distance travelled
  • Water intake
  • Meditation
  • Menstrual cycle/ pregnancy (although this can be turned off for men)
  • Sleep
  • Stress levels
  • All of these things are done by wearing your tracker on either a necklace, bracelet or clipped to you. The bracelet and necklace attachment come with the Bellabeat and is the Leaf itself is able to be clipped to you using the metal around the tracker- making it dual purpose, to not only look great but to also be practical too.
  • When you have worn the tracker you can open the app that you download when you receive the tracker and sync it by tapping it.
  • You are able to manually include water intake and the rest sorts itself. Including your stress levels via the other information included from the trackers data.
  • You are able to analyse your data daily to see the differences. Since using the Leaf I reduced my stress levels to around 26%.
  • For someone who suffers with anxiety I was intrigued by the stress levels and the meditation as the app suggests 10 minutes per night and all of the meditations are included. You are able to put them on and then the app will turn itself off afterwards.

    It even includes a pregnancy meditation which is obviously perfect for me currently. I have really wanted to make positive changes during this pregnancy with regards to my body. I want to be able to keep a level of fitness up and make sure my anxiety is under control not just for myself but for Erin and the new addition to our family. The Leaf has really helped with this.

    The trackers come in several different colours and styles and have several accessories to use alongside the app which In turn makes the Bellabeat experience an inclusive one. In America they have even bought out an amazing water bottle that tracks your water intake too! I would love to try one of these too.