Jojoba oil- being more yummy mummy and less slummy!

In my attempt to look more yummy mummy than slummy mummy…. Yes I know I’m not doing a great job 90% of the time- but I thought I would treat myself to more pampering than my usual chuck some exfoliator on my face in the shower and away I go!

When looking for products to moisturise my face I normally get a really greasy strip along my forehead and the rest of my face absorbs it (the downside of combination skin!) so being naughty I normally don’t bother as dry is better than grease! When people suggest oils I normally shudder at the thought!

There has been a little gem which has changed my perception though…. The Eden Semilla Range is a fairly new company which originally launched in the US in August 2015 they are an online business specialising in oils and serums to the worldwide market. The name is Spanish and means Eden’s Seed and was chosen due to their launch product being Rosehip oil sourced from Latin America. They have since expanded into Canada and Europe and have brought their latest product Jojoba Oil to market.


I was asked to test the Jojoba oil and was able to purchase easily from Amazon for £10.95 for 60ml or £12.95 for 120ml.  The product itself if 100% pure and organic and can be used on skin, nails and hair- you can even use it on sensitive skin!When I used the oil it was perfect for my combination skin and didn’t make me oily! It made my skin feel more elasticated and lines appeared reduced whilst making my skin glow with radiance! The one day I had used the serum before heading to work without make up on and everyone commented how well I looked (this is very unusual without my normal coating of make up!!) I have even been able to use it on my dry ends of my hair and on a dark patch of skin that’s always dry on my toe (even chiropodists can’t get rid of it!!) but within two days the mark was so much better and within a week it had gone! The bottle itself comes with a pipette to use the product with minimal mess and a great deal of ease. I really loved this product and will be using it as a staple in my make-up bag from now on!
They are also doing some great promotions at the moment and are offering 50% off any products through the Amazon shop- the codes and links are below;

ROSEUK50  Rosehip oil

HASEUK50  HA Serum

VITCUK50 Vitamin C Serum

JOJOUK50  Jojoba oil

You can also buy from definitely worth a buy!