Buying for pregnant people, babies, kids and the men in your life!

All I am hearing at the moment is what do the girls want for Christmas? What does Matt want? What do you need??

Unfortunately for our family we are all pretty sorted, but if you are struggling for ideas for babies, 6 year olds, pregnant people and men then you are in the right place!!

I get loads of inspiration from places like Deals Planet which make finding discount products so easy!

The babies in your life/pregnant ladies are all sorted:

County Critters play Cube-

I love wooden toys for babies, they not only look nice in your home but they also are great for playing and easy to keep clean. It not only is great to play with but is a perfect size for any home, easy to set up and letting the fun start as soon as it’s unwrapped. The play cube is made up of Mazes, shapes, levers, and lots of flying, swimming, and croaking creatures which turn this colourful, five-sided activity center into a hub of activity.  It is made of sturdy wood with water-based paint, it’ll stand up to years of fun and is perfect for babies aged 12 months and over. You can buy one from Amazon in time for Christmas!

Snuza Hero-

Pregnant mums have normally thought about all of the essentials, but sometimes don’t think about the panic that will set in when they bring home their bundle of joy and want some sleep. That’s where the Snuza Hero comes in. The Snuza Hero is a baby monitor that is a wearable device which attaches to your baby’s nappy and monitors your baby’s abdominal movement. The Hero detects the slightest of movements and will alert you if abdominal movement is weak or less than eight movements per minute. If the Snuza Hero detects no abdominal movement for 15 seconds it will vibrate in an effort to rouse your baby to resume abdominal movement. After a further 5 seconds an audible alarm sounds. This lets parents have piece of mind that their new babies are safe from Sudden Infant Death syndrome and sleep soundly at night- what better gift is there than sleep??? Buy your gift here.

Rockit Rocker-

Again another one for new babies or pregnant mummies- especially mummies with more than one child or twins- mums always need more than two hands as they try and do everything and rarely succeed without burning out. The Rockit Rocker is an innovative piece of kit with a silent motor. You can attach it to your pushchair whilst in the house or out and about to give you a free hand instead of having to rock little one to sleep. With 60 hours of battery life and an easy to attach mechanism this is the perfect gadget for new parents.

The Rockit Rocker imitates the movement of travel like a train or car lulling your little one to sleep hands free. Genuis hey! You can buy one here.

The practical gift-

Last one for new mummies or babies- the gift of practicality! Every mum gets bought clothes or blankets or cute cuddly toys, but how many times are they bought practical items such as wipes, swim nappies and tissues! I love practical gifts and these would be perfect as a pregnant mum- you can never have too many of these. Huggies are a favourite brand of mine for wipes as they are moist and soft on babies bums and swim nappies with the Disney motors and ability to stop any accidents whilst in a pool! since Erin was a baby and we all know Kleenex are the softest tissues especially in the winter. You can purchase all of these from all of your local supermarkets and chemists- so grab your relative or friend a practical gift this Christmas.

Clarks Attitcus Limit Boots and Stocking Filler of Nando’s selection box-

Matt is a pain to buy for- he never knows what he wants so gifts that he’s able to wear are helpful. The Clarks Attitcus Boots from Jacamo are ideal. In winter everyone needs a sturdy pair of boots in winter. These ones are really nice leather boots with laces and have the comfort of Clarks and a sturdy sole they will be perfect for winter wear. Find them here.

I never thought about Jacamo selling anything other than clothes, but they sell so much more- shoes, accessories, coats, gifts everything! There are also so many well known brands. It’s great!

I also managed to get Matt the Nando’s Selection Box as a stocking filler- he loves Nando’s sauces and loves a bit of spice, so for the price of these it’s perfect! Check out the Nando’s Selection Box here. 

Panda Bear Baby Goodies-

Babies brains are a complex little thing and are stimulated by black and white monogram items. Despite a market saturated in brightly coloured plastic toys and cute pastels research since the 1940’s that the best thing to stimulate little eyes are high contrast black & white shapes & patterns. The visual stimulation these provide engaging nerve cells that have a direct pathway to the brain. The more nerve cells that are simulated, the quicker the brain grows helping babies to reach milestones faster.

The Panda Bear company specialises in stunning monochrome goodies for your little one. We have the black and white flash cards that are great for little ones not only to learn their alphabet but also so help stimulate babies brains. We also have the most beautiful and soft Muslins with tiny little monochrome patterns and some black and white cloud stickers ideal for any nursery or playroom to stimulate visually.

The Panda Bear Company does so many beautiful items for babies and nurseries so would be absolutely perfect for friends and family for Christmas this year. To check out the wide range of items click here.

Foreo Toothbrushes for kids and Babies-

Foreo are beautiful silicone toothbrushes for babies and children- two different sizes- they also do adult ones, so you can join in on the fun too! With a vibrating action to ensure a pulsating action keeps teeth clean and fresh. As well as the toothbrush being ultra hygienic, they also have a smart Swedish design which combines a fully waterproof toothbrush and has a built in timer alongside flexible brush head to make sure no area of the mouth is missed.

The timer includes a “Glee and Glum” face shows on the toothbrush to show kids if they have brushes for an appropriate amount of time- Erin will love the fact she can make her toothbrush smile.

The brushes come in several colours and have replacement brush heads or tongue cleaners available to buy. To get your toothbrush for your little people you can buy here.