And it all went to pot!

This week has been very different to my positive pants week of last week.

Although Erin has been fantastic with all the change and her star in her play as Innkeeper two!

And I have remembered the Elf every day this week! Whooopppp

The nesting has not only come to a halt it’s now gone backwards!!! I cleaned everything and anything last week. This week I haven’t been bothered to pick up the iron or the hoover and just making the bed is effort!!!

My reflux is also back with vengeance and it feels like hell is in my throat!

Getting in the car is turning out to be tricky and my maternity jeans no longer fit me!!

Just to top it all off I had a very naughty baby on Monday who decided to get into a position that meant I couldn’t feel her, called the hospital and ended up being monitored… along with a scan (she apparently has a lot of hair!!) a sweep and ending up being consultant led!!!! Not the plan I was originally going with.

I have sat and been anxious about it and I have stressed but let’s face it- there’s nothing I can actually do. Anyway it’s left me going to hospital every day to be monitored! Which itself is a major ball ache now I know all is well and she was just in a tricky position.

I have another scan and consultant appointment on Monday so we will see what they say then!

The whole palaver just topped off my week and I have ended up drained! All I want to do is sleep! I think next week I need to rest more and not arrange to be doing things constantly! At the end of the day things can wait!

In other news this could possibly be matt and i’s last child free weekend for a while!! As Erin normally goes to her dads every other weekend but we may have another little person home with us! So who knows! But I think we are going to make the most of it! Any ideas how let me know!!