A very special Christmas present for little people- Your own story

What more can a child want than to be a part of their very own story that even includes their hometown and their best friend!?

We were overcome with excitement when our Very Own Story landed on our doorstep! Stacey Kelly the founder of this amazing book decided to leave her career and a French and Spanish teacher to become a full time mum, from there to stop her daughter crying she created stories with her name in them- this gave her the idea to write and illustrate personalised children’s books which created her brand ‘Your Very Own Story’. Her books include a child’s name, their friend and where they live which are all featured in the story, there’s also a special bonus page to record precious childhood milestones and books also come with exclusive membership to an online Kids’ Club providing parents with fun, printable resources that are a great solution to those rainy day blues.  

To produce our story I was asked simple questions which made the ordering process very simple- The name of my Child, gender, their friend’s name, hometown and a personalised message for the front of the book.  The book came very quickly and was packaged well so it didn’t bend. The book was bright and colourful and used thick pages rather than flimsy paper. The illustrations were great and kept Erin engaged! The story was about a fairy that had lost the ability to fly and needed fairy dust. On the way to find the dust animal friends played a part in trying to help her, the last person to help her was Erin’s best friend Farren- This amazed Erin that there was not only her name in the book but Farren’s  and her hometown too!!  The book was simple to read and had rhyming sentences which would aid children in learning to read the book as they get older too.  The book isn’t too long or too short so it is perfect for a bed time read and is even large enough that both the parent and the child can hold the book at the same time as I know my little madam gets upset if that isn’t the case!!  At the price of £18.99 Including P+P it is an absolute bargain to enable to your little one or friends children to have a book that is specifically for them and makes them feel special!

We have also been lucky enough to have been given a 10% off code for the book for all followers of Glossytots- Promo code; GLOSSYTOTS10

This is one of our top picks for Christmas 2015! We absolutely love it and so far we have read it every night since it has arrived!  To order the book head to where you can preview your book before you order! You can also follow Stacey on her social media’s at;

Her husband has just started a great blog too! Which you can find at-