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Dear the cruel, narrow-minded people who surround the world of IVF

Last week I sat reading a post of a fellow blogger-Man Versus Baby  
which was him sharing a heartfelt comment on the fact the UK NHS service was looking to stop giving free treatment to members of the public.

Now yes I know people have their opinions on the post but when I read the 300ish comments I was flabbergasted. There were people saying they think it is ‘Population control’, we should ‘accept that we shouldn’t be able to have children’, ‘we don’t deserve to have children and that’s why we can’t’. That was only a few of them. I had to stop reading before I threw a 2-year-old hissy fit.  This my friends Is a letter to you.

Dear the cruel, narrow-minded people who surround the world of IVF

How dare you- who haven’t been in the same situation as me or every other person who has dealt with infertility, decide to share your vile comments with the world. You are welcome to have your very narrow-minded opinion but you would think you would have the courtesy to keep your gobs shut to not offend others.

Things like IVF are always controversial and I get that you and other people think it is messing with ‘gods plan’ or interfering with science. If you haven’t been in this situation you have no idea how it feels. To feel like your body has let you down, to feel like you are inferior to everyone else.  Why would you air your feelings so insensitively? You don’t know us, You don’t know how we feel.  In your spite, you even managed to give me a pang or hurt and guilt about having my beautiful daughter. I shouldn’t feel like that. What we did is not wrong.

The reason you think it is wrong is because you don’t have a clue about what IVF involves. You don’t understand the process and your stupidity shows you should research things like this before you speak.

I don’t see you commenting on people who have had rehab for alcoholism or drug abuse and demand the NHS stops their treatment as its expensive. I can’t imagine you would tell someone who had cancer that their treatment was too expensive and it was god’s way of natural population?! Yes, I thought not because that would be inconsiderate and rude. Just like you. Infertility is an illness; it breaks people’s hearts in the same way as any other illness. You could well have broken someone more than they were. I hope that everyone that read your disgusting comments were strong and brushed your voices away. I hope this has made you feel remorseful and I hope you never say anything so vile ever again.

Yours Faye.

The cruel world of IVF