Boobie beads-a Teethers Dream!

Both Erin and Maisie are teething no end! Erin is getting her back teeth and Maisie only has her first 7! Normally this means dribble and putting everything in thier mouths they can lay there grubby little fingers on! 

Boobie Beads are a solution that is viable and fashionable at the same time! Not only are they a fantastic fashion accessory but are also BPA and toxin free making them perfect for babies and toddlers to chomp on! 
We were sent a necklace and a bracelet both made of silicone. 
The necklaces and bracelets come in several different colours and the necklaces have a pop clasp which means if your little one pulls to hard you won’t be strangled!!! Ha!

Erin chose the bracelet for her and wore it around her wrist and took it off and Chewed on it when she said her teeth hurt- I asked her opinion and she said it made her teeth feel better and she said she was soft on her gums.
Maisie not only used the beads when they were around my neck but also took them off me when I was in the car as she didn’t want to let them go!!! Which must be a winner! I loved the fact they were in different shapes making different textures for little ones to chew on and I didn’t mind wearing it as a funky necklace! All in all they have a big thumbs up from up! 
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