At Last! The secret to stopping babies crying!!

You get to the shops…hunt for a cafe as you need somewhere to heat your babies bottle… The mumbles are turning to screams and you start to panic! 

Can’t find somewhere to heat your milk?? Problem solved (apart from breastfeeding I can hear you shouting at me!!- I know I’m talking to bottle mummies!!)  
The Yoomi Self heating bottle!!! When I heard of a self heating bottle I was intrigued and to be honest my first opinion was Yeah right!!!! 
When I recieved it it was nice looking and has everything you need in the box, the heating element bottle and instructions! You can see my YouTube Video here on it! 
I really liked the bottle and it was simple to use once you know how and heated the milk and did the job as well as expected! I have an offer code for all my lovely readers if you want to try one yourself!