School… She’s old enough?!

As I sit contemplating how my daughter is old enough to attend school- she is still only 3!!!! Erin will be one of the youngest in her year at school and the thought of her attending school breaks my heart! In some ways it will be better for us as I am able to collect her and take to her to school rather than her being picked up by my mum, auntie, her dad and myself (which I completely hate but work and my circumstances dictate this) 

Tomorrow is D Day- the day I find out which school she is accepted to and quite frankly I am petrified!!!! 
I don’t know what is scaring me so much  I think it’s the unknown with moving house and not knowing where we are to move to! It’s just a nightmare! I want to make the best decision for my baby girl but I don’t quite know what that is! I wish there was a manual to tell you how to deal with these kinds of things!!!! How do you feel about your little one starting school??