The weekend of a dead battery!

The weekend I have just had has been full of dead phone batteries! iPhones… the king of using all battery power in less than a day.

This weekend has been a busy one! I went to London on Saturday for the day to a friends 30th and I attended Blog On Sunday! I had an amazing time at both but was using my iPhone 7 a lot. I used it to navigate the tube system and directions to the party (City mapper is a fab app for anyone who needs to get around big cities! but my god it drains your battery!!). Then there was using my phone on social media and taking pictures. Again Sunday I used my phone as Sat Nav to drive to the event and then for social media and texting friends to meet up.

That warning sign of 20% left pops up shortly before the black screen. Usually, that’s when the panic would set in and I wouldn’t know what to do. I would have to carry a plug and charger cable and pray there was a socket for me to pop into the wall. Normally to find there are none!! always helpful. This time was different. I had my VARTA Power block! If you don’t know about Varta you need to check them out.  It’s a genius device that you charge up at home, pop it in your handbag with the corresponding wire to the device you need to charge and away you go. Charging on the go!

The power bank can charge your phone twice and a laptop to full charge!!!! How clever is that! and it fits snugly into your handbag. Absolutely perfect for days out and events. Especially in the blogging world. The Power block comes in several different sizes which range in price. These are so so handy and perfect for everyone whos phone dies a lot or you need a phone in an emergency.