Out of Date Mates- Weaning worries gone!

Weaning a little one is always tough especially when you feel unprepared and without the tools you need. I was forever wasting money with half eaten fruit purees and jars of food, as I would forget when I had opened them and didn’t want her eating the same foods for two meals in a row.

Out of Date Mates have solved this problem for mums worldwide-no longer will you have to remember what was opened when as you can use the fantastic magnets and stickers to date your opened products.

When you are at the very start of weaning your little one just likes a little taste or a couple of spoonful’s of the food to get the tastes of the foods. Whether you make your own purees or buy jarred food you still need to keep in mind that once opened they have to be consumed within 3 days or sometimes 24 hours! I never wanted Erin to try the same items several times over to keep the food fresh but ended up throwing away jars as I would forget what order I had opened them and didn’t want to upset her tummy especially with her reflux.

When Out of Date mates approached me to review their product for Maisie I jumped at the chance! I am a list writer and the organisation of this product made my OCD run wild!  The packet contains 7 round magnets that you can keep on the fridge when not in use and then once you have opened a jar you stick the magnet on the lid and use the dry wipe marker to write the date. They also come with a range of stickers for the new pouches they sell on the market.

The product is also fantastic if you have other people looking after your little ones and they can use the magnets to see what’s in date and let you know what they have opened too! It’s a fantastic system for helping to make less waste in the household and ensure your baby is healthy and happy! They also come in gorgeous colours to make your fridge look a little more exciting! A definite must for your early weaning days! Head to to get yours!