Lollipop Baby Camera Review #AD

We have had a video camera since Edith was born that gave me piece of mind because it had a heart rate sensor but the video isn’t great and now she’s older she doesn’t need the sensor, so using the monitor especially on trips away there were so many wires and things to remember it was a total nightmare.

When we were gifted the Lollipop camera, I had a look on the website and everything made total sense. The flexible stand to enable you to tie it to the cot or have it freestanding or even have it against the wall. Everything is on your phone so you don’t need to remember to charge a separate parent unit and the picture is crystal clear with night vision.

The camera comes in three colours, blue, yellow and pink. We obviously chose pink as the girls love it! It is made of premium baby safe silicone and has an infrared LED night vision camera which includes 4 times digital zoom.

When we first received our camera it was super easy to download the app and ensure the camera was safely on the cot as the wiring is hidden inside a tube away from little fingers. The app is easy to navigate and the whole thing took me less than 10 minutes.

My favourite things about the camera after using it for several months are;

  • Being able to check on your baby when you have left them in the care of others from anywhere.
  • The ease of being able to move the camera and use it on a travel cot if needed.
  • The ability to play music and speak to your little one through your phone- even if the first time I did this Edith jumped out of her skin!!
  • Being able to share the app with loved ones including grandparents if you need them to babysit.
  • Cry detection alert if your baby is crying which you can set to certain decibels to suit every parent.
  • It constantly tracks everything that has previously happened with your little ones sleep so you know when they woke up from naps even with baby brain!
  • You can also pay a yearly subscription for extra cloud storage and sleep tracking but this isn’t necessary. We do and I love it.
  • It works with both Android and Apple and even Alexa!

Overall we have been loving the lollipop baby camera system. We no longer use the sensor pad and solely use Lollipop, it has been great for all our needs and I would definitely recommend this to fellow parents as it covers all of our needs and if you need any assistance the online help is great for your issues. You can buy yours from Lollipop.