Disco ball! Halloween Parties & Sensory Play!

When your toddler asks you for a Halloween party and your friend is included in the begging with her toddler… can you say no!? The answer is no you can’t! So we commenced the planning for our first ever Halloween Party!

I have never before had or been to a Halloween party as pre child I never even celebrated Halloween! But this year was going to be different! Very different!! I started to find a few things that we could use at our party and we were then asked to review a LED Dome light! What better timing this could be?! So we delightfully accepted and ordered our disco ball from the Amazon seller- 1byone. They have loads of other great items in their shop for parties such as smoke machines and other light combinations! All of which I considered but needed to calm down and remember this was only a toddlers party!!

On Friday 30th my friend Hannah and I had a busy day with the children setting up the items for the party and decorating the house. I got the disco ball out of the box to have a look at and to set it up- at this point I imagined myself trawling through an instruction manual trying to figure out how to turn it on let alone anything else!  I was pleasantly surprised when all I needed to do was plug it in the wall!!! There are options for the speed to be turned up or slowed down or for the colours to be changed or to even match the music that is being played at the time! All a bit technical for me especially when it works without having to do anything! And having two grumpy toddlers all day this was the option I went for!

The light itself if able to put be put on the wall (all I did was took one of my pictures down and hooked it onto the nail on the wall!) very simple and it stayed there all night! The light is bright and twists around to ensure the lights move around and that they don’t just still stable, all of the children and the adults thought that this was fantastic and that it really made the party! Even the babies that turned up thought it was mesmerising and was great for sensory play (which I will be using this for in the future not just for parties!) you can order the product from Amazon or www.1byone.comor email it has currently been reduced on amazon from £40.99 to £25.99 with Free delivery so if you are thinking about having a Christmas or new year’s eve party get your selves to the shop now! You can also follow 1byone or buy their products from any of the following social media links!


Nb. We were sent this product in exchange for an honest review and all pictures and opinions are my own.