Treats in the Bathroom-Paddy’s Bathroom Review

Something I never knew was Ella’s kitchen and Paddy’s Bathroom were the names of a clever man Paul’s Children and he named his amazing products after them?!

I have always been a massive fan of Ella’s kitchen when bubs was small, we loved what they tried to do and loved that they made everything with children in mind. So the noise of ‘Paddy’s Bathroom’ was a jingle to my ear! Would it be as fun as Ella’s Kitchen!? Would it be a good!? In Short Yes!! Everything about Paddy’s Bathroom is amazing! We received our products in a box with shiny blue paper strips which Erin adored! It even included a little crab that Erin could use in the bath!! 

The products were in the same type of packaging as Ella’s kitchen so when you are trying to get the last ounce out of your shampoo bottle and spend ages holding it upside down, we can now squeeze out the last drabs easy peasy! 


The products we used are ‘stuff for hands’ which is a lemon smelling hand foam in a pink bottle- now in our house… our little diva is a non-hand washer! You have to drag her to the sink to make her wash her hands!  Not anymore I can’t get her away! Desperately wanting to wash her hands every two minutes!!! The next product we had was Foamy Stuff- which smells of rosy apples, it comes in an orange bottle and is also a foam. The bonus of this product is its two in one, body wash and shampoo! Great for holidays, we recently took it to Devon, it fitted lovely in our luggage and saved taking loads of products with us for Erin.

The other products we received were; stuff for Shiny hair (shampoo that smells like lemons), squirty Stuff (hair and body wash that smells like pineapples) bubbly stuff (bubble bath that smells like tangerines) all of which are fantastic! The bubbles in the bath last for ages and the shampoo makes our girlie locks smooth, shiny and clean. Not only this but they all smell divine… so good that you want to eat them! 

They are child friendly and mummy friendly and the fact that they have created a ‘Drop Buy Drop programme’ to help those who need it most, get access to clean water for health and hygiene. That’s why we give 50 US cents for every single product we sell toward clean water initiatives that help families in Africa. Which is fantastic as not only are we are using marvelous products but we are also helping people who are less fortunate than ourselves. The products Range in price from £4 to £6 and are available at most supermarkets.